Shoe Care

We take natural leather shoes and dye them by hand to achieve what is known as patina resulting in exquisite shoe finishes.

We, at Luxoro Formello take immense pride to come up with a perfect solution to hand patina shoe care by developing coloured shoe care creams at our manufacturing facility.

We provide complimentary Coloured shoe care cream in the box to restore the exact patina of your Hand Painted Shoes by filling up the scratches and marks developed due to daily wear and tear. Its just like a coloured polish for your Shoes.

Follow the following steps to always make your Shoes Look New.



Firstly, Remove the laces from your shoes and put in the shoetrees to keep the leather Stretched, or you can also stuff in paper balls to stretch the leather.



Gently rub the Large Horse Hair Brush to Loosen and dust away any Particulates and afterwards you can also use small horse hair brush to reach and clean the finer detail areas of the shoe. 

You can also wipe clean the surface with a very very slightly moist soft cotton cloth. A soft cotton cloth is necessary to avoid scratching the shoe while rubbing with the cloth.



After cleaning the surface ,use the coloured cream provided in the box and also available at our website.

Wrap a clean cotton cloth on you finger, and take little amounts of cream and apply it in circular motions on the whole surface. Make sure to apply more amounts to the particular scratched areas of vigorous wear and tear so that the pigment is absorbed deep within the leather.

Let the cream dry for at-least 3-4 minutes and then use the Soft Horse Hair Brush to create friction and blend the cream into the Shoe.



After applying the coloured shoe care cream , take Dark tan or Black coloured Wax Polish as per the shoe colour for dark antiqued areas of toe and counter. 

Restore the antiqued dark areas such as toe and counter of the Shoes by applying the Wax polish with the soft cotton cloth in circular motions.

Again let it dry and use the Soft Horse Hair Brush to create friction and blend the Polish into the Shoe.



Finally, Buff the shoes with Soft towel or cotton cloth to smoothen the Leather Surface.


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