Our Story

 As we stitch down your shoes, we also stitch down our history. Luxoro Formello wasn’t a one day ordeal, it started 50 years back. The brand’s legacy is a path down history lane where our Master Artisans travelled to discover the art of shoe making. We behold before you our designs, craft and vision that was ideated in Spain. We give you not just another pair of shoes, we gift you history, from our hands to your.

 Arsh Chhatwal, the founder of Luxoro Formello, a fashion design student has always been an aesthete. On one of his trips to Europe's Iberian Peninsula and Milan during his College Days, he stumbled upon a shoemaker’s shop. What started off as a search for a pair of quality leather shoes for his final design collection ended at the discovery of something monumental. 

 He had not come this far, to come this far.

 Shoe Patina Antiquing- the art of giving a new life to shoes- from the streets of Spain had to be brought back to the World. 

 After a rigorous mentorship under the Master Artisan, Arsh Chhatwal sought to plan a Design venture in the heart of Spain and Manufacturing facility in Capital City of India, New Delhi.

 It's been more than 3 years since the brand was conceptualised by our founder in collaboration with head designer, Mr. Anxo Alenjandro and Head artisan, Mr. Daniel Jonay. 

 Luxoro Formello has Spain's rich heritage reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship, service and style dedicated at providing you meticulously handcrafted pair of fine leather shoes. 

 Designed in Spain - Handcrafted in India