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Pigmented Shoe Care Cream

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Introducing Luxoro Formello Pigmented Shoe Care Cream - Elevate Elegance and Unleash Color-Matching Perfection!

Discover the ultimate solution to maintain and enhance the timeless elegance of your leather formal shoes with Luxoro Formello Pigmented Shoe Care Cream. Our specially crafted formula is designed to complement and match the unique color tones of your Luxoro Formello shoes flawlessly. Whether your shoes are classic black, rich brown, or sophisticated blue, we have the ideal pigmented cream to suit your individual style.


(1) Natural Cream + (2) Colour Cream of you Preference + (3) Shoe Horn

Key Features:

  1. Color-Matching Perfection: Luxoro Formello Pigmented Shoe Care Cream comes in a wide array of meticulously designed hues, expertly matched to the exact colors of your Luxoro Formello shoes. Your shoes will look as good as new, with a seamless blend of color that revitalizes their original beauty.

  2. Supreme Leather Nourishment: Our shoe care cream is enriched with the finest quality ingredients, providing deep nourishment to your leather formal shoes. It penetrates deep into the leather fibers, replenishing essential oils and reviving their natural luster, ensuring your shoes stand the test of time.

  3. Patina Die Infused: Experience an impeccable finish like never before! Luxoro Formello Pigmented Shoe Care Cream is uniquely enriched with our exclusive patina die, the same luxurious finishing material used in crafting Luxoro Formello shoes. This results in an exceptional shine and enhances the shoes' overall sophistication.

  4. Superior Stain Resistance: Guard your cherished shoes against everyday stains, scuffs, and scratches. Luxoro Formello Pigmented Shoe Care Cream creates a protective barrier on the leather surface, so you can step confidently wherever you go.

  5. Toe Area Wax Compatibility: For the toe area of your Luxoro Formello leather formal shoes, enhance protection and shine with compatible wax from trusted brands like Kiwi or Saphir. Complement the overall care of your shoes with this professional touch.

  6. Effortless Application: The creamy texture of our shoe care cream allows for easy and enjoyable application. Simply use the provided applicator or a soft cloth, and gently massage the cream into the leather. Watch as your shoes regain their impeccable shine and allure.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure your Luxoro Formello leather formal shoes are clean and dry before application.

  2. Choose the appropriate color of the shoe care cream to match your shoes.

  3. Apply a small amount of the cream onto the provided applicator or a soft cloth.

  4. Gently rub the cream into the leather in circular motions, covering the entire surface evenly.

  5. For the toe area, use a compatible wax from trusted brands like Kiwi or Saphir for darker areas to further enhance protection and shine.

  6. Allow the shoes to absorb the cream for a few minutes.

  7. Buff the shoes with a clean, dry cloth to reveal a brilliant shine.

Preserve the luxurious allure of your beloved Luxoro Formello shoes with our premium pigmented shoe care cream. Elevate your shoe care routine to new heights and relish the sophistication of pristine leather formal shoes that truly reflect your discerning taste.

Experience Luxoro Formello Excellence Today!


  • Calf Leather Upper.
  • Calf Leather Lining and Insoles.
  • Hand-Painted Patina.
  • Hand-Stitched Border Sole.
  • Alivio-construction wraps the foot in leather creating a cushioned footbed and unrivalled flexibility.
  • Designed in Spain.
  • Complimentary shipping within India.
  • Return Policy

This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 5-6 days for the delivery. Because our shoes are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.

• Commodity : Footwear

• Net qty : 1N

• Country of Origin : India

• Manufactured by : M/S Chhatwal and Sons ; G/F-VILL, A-55,487/24, NEAR SHIV MANDIR, PEERAGARHI, PASCHIM VIHAR, New Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi 110087

• Marketed by : M/S Chhatwal and Sons ; G/F-VILL, A-55,487/24, NEAR SHIV MANDIR, PEERAGARHI, PASCHIM VIHAR, New Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi 110087

• Packed by : M/S Chhatwal and Sons ; G/F-VILL, A-55,487/24, NEAR SHIV MANDIR, PEERAGARHI, PASCHIM VIHAR, New Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi 110087

  • Luxoro Formello shoes come with complimentary pigmented shoe care cream, shoe care bags and a shoe Horn inside the box.
  • Click on shoe care cream to learn how to use it.
  • Always Keep your Leather shoes in the Shoe Care bags to protect them from scratching each other.
  • Always use the shoe horn provided along, to easily slip in your feet.
  • Keep your Leather shoes stuffed with Wooden Shoe Trees or paper balls after every use to keep the leather stretched and minimise Leather creasing.

Customise The Shoes To Your Taste

There is nothing that we love more than helping our customers find their 'Sole' mate.

From Personalised Hand-Painted Patina to getting your very own Bespoke Shoe Design Build, Live the experience of creating your very own Custom Shoes with our Made-To-Order Service, only at Luxoro Formello® .

Just fill in the form below and we will revert within 24 hours.

All of the shoes on our website are listed in EU/UK sizes. Our shoe are correct formal size. 
If you have not tried our shoes before, and you tend to wear different sizes for different brands then go with the smaller size ( e.g If a Brand fits you UK 8 and the other brand fits you UK 9 , go for UK 8 with our shoes )
While this recommendation works for most people, please keep in mind every person's foot is different and this recommendation may not work for everyone.
Below is our conversion chart:


UK / India











































Note: We readily offer only full sizes, In case your size falls in half size according to the chard above or you need a custom fit, please contact us directly.

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Also, You can contact us at our business phone number +91-9773626826 through Call and WhatsApp.

For Returns, Our Warehouse Address is A-55, 487/24, Peera Garhi, New Delhi - 110087

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